Happy Tea

Lift your spirits and nourish your body with this delicious tea. Drink hot or cold. Makes a tasty iced tea. Already naturally sweet! Helps anxiety, depression, restless sleeps, apathy and digestion. Can be hormone balancing.

Sleep Easy Tea

Soothe your nerves with the calming herbs in our Sleep Easy Tea. Adaptogenic herbs to help you cope with the stresses of life. Helps with anxiety, nervousness, restless sleeps, insomnia and any stress related symptoms.

Anti-Inflammatory Tea

Anti – inflammatory and mineralizing, this tea aims to soothe sore joints as well as inflammation in the digestive system and other organs. Because of its high mineral content, it can be useful for a good night of sleep. Helps with pain, digestion, restless legs, poor sleeps and anxiety. Helps with recovery from exercise.

Woman’s Tea 

Hormone balancing herbs for women in the menstrual and menopausal years. Consume daily for overall hormone balancing. Drinking regularly can help with menstrual cramping and other imbalances. May help menopausal symptoms by supporting the liver, adrenals and digestion. Already mildly sweet because of the Licorice Root and the Ginger Root adds a spicy kick. No need to add milk or fat.

Chai Spice Blend Tea

A rich and spicy chai spice blend without caffeine. Add your own black tea if you want the caffeine kick. Warms the body and uplifts the spirit. Helps digestion, depression, apathy and poor circulation.

Daily Digest Tea

Support your digestion with this effective blend of healing herbs. A savory blend different from other digestive teas that are on the market. Consume regularly to heal and strengthen the entire digestive system. Soothes inflammation of the digestive tract, nausea, indigestion and healing to the liver.

Vitali Tea

Supercharge your body, mind and spirit with this powerful blend of herbs. Drink daily to boost your immune system and strengthen all the systems of your body. The adaptogenic herbs in this blend address whatever your body needs. Balancing, nourishing and strengthening. Helpful for anxiety, weakness, indigestion and appetite. Earthy, hearty flavor. Sunflower lecithin is part of the blend. No need to add milk or fat.