Greens Blend

Energize your day and boost your vitality with this pure and simple green blend. ​​​Goes down easy as if your body craves it. Super nourishing, cleansing and immune boosting. Nourishing and healing for people who have difficulty eating.  Can increase appetite. Helps with digestion, weakness, fatigue and toxicity symptoms. A great way to start the day on the right foot. Add pure water, juice or a smoothie.t

Protein Powder

A protein powder that stands out on it’s own, different from the rest. You won’t find Pea protein in this blend. Instead, we have created a protein powder with exotic and domestic nuts, seeds, roots and pods that your body will love. Easy to digest and high in healthy protein and fats. Use before or after a workout to support the muscles and recovery. Very nourishing for people who have difficulty eating. Add to water, juice or a smoothie.